Ragnarok Origin Guide: Top 10 Tips for Total Beginners

by bunnhop

How’s your Ragnarok Origin journey so far? A lot of things happened on my end, a few negatives here and there, but a whole lot of positives!

During our first week of playing on the Deviling server, I noticed a lot of questions from those that came from either a purely Ragnarok Online background, as well as those who had never played any game from this franchise. I tried to contribute to this brand new community by answering questions based on my knowledge and experience having played on one of the official Japanese servers. This is why we at bunnhop have decided to make this list of Top Ten Tips for Total Beginners.

1. Acronyms

Aside from a variety of languages being used to communicate with other players, it’s quite easy to get lost since a lot of players use acronyms. Some of the most common acronyms used in Ragnarok Origin are the following:

Acronyms in the World Chat in Ragnarok Origin
  • LFG – Looking for guild (e.g. lfg competitive guild, lfg casual guild). This means you’re looking to join a specific type of guild.
  • LFP – Looking for party (e.g. lfp sage memory 2, lfp angeling). This means you’re looking to join a party that’s already been created by another player.
  • LFM – Looking for members (e.g. lfm sage memory 2, lfm english-speakers for casual guild). This is used by a party leader to recruit players into their party for a variety of reasons–be it to do a daily quest, kill an MVP, or do Helheim. This can also be used by a guild leader or any guild member who has the ability to invite members into their guild.
  • -1 to -4. This refers to the number of people the party still needs (e.g. LFM angeling -2, which means that there are two slots left to be filled).
  • FS – Full Support Priest. This is usually used in conjunction with the previous acronym (e.g. lfm angeling -2 FS).
  • DPS – Damage Per Second. Often used in many MMO games, it refers to any job that specializes in dealing melee damage such as an Agility-type Knight, an Assassin, or a Hunter. The faster the DPS, the better.
  • Wiz – Wizard
  • BS – Blacksmith
  • OH – Orc Hero (e.g. lfm oh). This refers to an MVP found in Orc Village.
  • OL – Orc Lord (e.g. lfp ol). This refers to another MVP found in Orc Village
  • HHH – Helheim Hard Mode (e.g. lfp hhh)
  • MR – Monster Research. This is a game feature that revolves around the Monster Glossary, one of the books you can find by clicking on the Guide icon on your main screen. If someone says “LFM MR Pront South”, it means that they’re looking for party members who want to auto-battle with all the monsters found in the Prontera South Gate map to earn Monster Research Points.

2. Interfacing with Players

Interfacing in Ragnarok Origin is as easy as tapping on the character, then tapping on their player icon. A number of options are available from adding them into your friend list, inviting them to a party, sending them a gift, or sending them a message. On the World or Guild chat, tap the player icon to interact with a player.

  • Duo Action – This lets you do a pair-emote with a friend like a hug or a high five.
  • Send Gift – This allows you to send materials to your friend to help them in equipment crafting. You can also use this function to send Emblems to someone in need, so you can help them join the weekly Themed Party held on Sunday nights!
Sending a gift to a player in Ragnarok Origin

3. Combat Time

Known as “Battle Stamina” in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love, this is the number of minutes you can spend on grinding monsters to earn EXP and loot in Ragnarok Origin. Each day, your character gets 120 minutes of Combat Time. Once this has been consumed, you will no longer gain EXP and monster loot. This state is called Fatigued.

If you didn’t get Fatigued today, the number of minutes you still have left will be converted into Rest EXP and will be carried over to the following day. Unused Daily Quest Commission Tickets are also converted into Rest EXP for the next day.

If you’re short on time, but want all the benefits of 120-minutes worth of monster grinding, you can always use a Combat Acceleration Candy.

  • Combat Acceleration Candy – This gives you 2x the EXP and also increases the drop chance of monster loot to 2x. However, your Combat Time also moves twice as fast, which means each minute of monster-grinding gets registered as two minutes. The Combat Acceleration Candy also doubles the spawn chance of vanguard monsters.
  • Advanced Combat Acceleration Candy – Can be synthesized using 3 Combat Acceleration Candies. This gives 3x more EXP, drop chance, and vanguard monster spawn, but also increases the depletion of your Combat Time by 3x.
  • Super Combat Acceleration Candy – Can be synthesized using 3 Advanced Combat Acceleration Candies. This gives 6x more EXP, drop chance, and vanguard monster spawn, but also increases the depletion of your Combat Time by 6x.
Using a Combat Acceleration Candy in Ragnarok Origin

4. Monster Grinding

What MMO can be complete without monster grinding? Although it doesn’t give as much EXP compared to doing dailies and questing, monster grinding is an essential part of any Ragnarok Origin routine. Not only does it give you EXP, it only allows you to collect loot that may be used as materials in equipment crafting, as well as increase your Monster Research Progress.

Checking the Recommended Hunts window before monster-grinding in Ragnarok Origin
  • Use the Recommended Hunts found in your Combat Time window. This shows the recommended monsters based on your level and the weapon you’re using. For instance, since I am a Hunter and I use a two-handed Bow which is good for dealing damage to Small and Medium monsters, it shows monsters that are around my level and are small or medium-sized. This window also shows you the elemental attribute of each recommended monster, and tells you what element you should use against them. Not only that, it also shows all possible loot items, as well as where that particular monster is found.

    So monster-grinding is as easy as choosing a monster from this list, and clicking on the map name. Ragnarok Origin’s auto-pathing will automatically make your character walk all the way to the map and all you have to do is activate your Auto-Battle and choose which monsters to defeat. You can now leave your phone or PC and clean up your room, or something!
  • Form a party. If you have 2 mercenaries with you, they fill two slots of the party, so you’ll still have room for 2 other members. You can always type “LFP (map or monster name) -2” (e.g. LFP Orc Village -2) in the World chat. Being in party gives EXP bonuses! A 2-member party in the same map gives 20% bonus EXP, while a 3-member party gives 30%, a 4-member party gives 40% and finally, a 5-member party obviously gives 50% more EXP!
  • Use food buffs. It’s not only enough to make sure you’ve set your potions for you and your mercenary on your Potion Dispenser; food buffs definitely help, especially since potions are quite expensive in this game.
    • 1-star Steamed Crab Nippers – This restores 50 SP and HP that’s equivalent to 250+5% of your Max HP every 10 seconds, and this buff lasts a full hour.
    • 2-star Steamed Crab Nippers – Can be synthesized using 3 1-star Steamed Crab Nippers along with 25,000 Eden Coins. This restores 60 SP and HP that’s equivalent to 450+8% of your Max HP every 10 seconds, and also lasts 60 minutes.
    • 3-star Steamed Crab Nippers – Can be synthesized using 3 2-star Steamed Crab Nippers along with 100,000 Eden Coins. This restores 70 SP and HP that’s equivalent to 1000+10% of your Max HP every 10 seconds, and is also good for an hour’s worth of grinding.

      Aside from Steamed Crab Nippers, there are also other food buffs or “Dishes” that give other benefits such as the 2-star Fresh Shrimp which increases your Attack Speed by 8% for 60 minutes, and the 2-star Crab Sticks which increases your Magic Damage by 10% for 60 minutes. All of these food buffs can be synthesized to their maximum, which is their 3-star version.

5. Leveling Routine

Most players aim to reach the highest possible level in MMOs like Ragnarok Origin. And because the game has just launched, leveling up can be a little confusing, especially for those who came from Ragnarok Online. In the original PC game, everyone’s used to grinding for hours on end, or doing turn-in quests like Eden Group’s Bounty Boards or Gramps to increase their level. In Ragnarok Origin, however, monster-grinding isn’t as efficient and shouldn’t be your sole source of EXP. What works for me and many others is this routine:

  • First is AFK Grinding. Set up your character to grind until you’ve used up all your Combat Time and is fatigued. You can do this while taking your lunch break in school or at work, or even earlier–while you’re getting ready before you leave home each day. Don’t worry about leaving your character grinding for hours, since even though you’re no longer gaining EXP and loot items, every monster you defeat still increases your Monster Research Progress, so it’s not at all wasted!
  • Second, once you get home, do the Daily Quests. You earn EXP doing Daily Quests even if you’re already Fatigued! I recommend doing 30 minutes of Fountain Dance worth 40 Commission Tickets whenever it’s available, so you can leave your character on while you’re making dinner, doing your homework, or resting after an exhausting day.

    Afterwards, do Misty Forest or Anthem Trial with a friend, or choose any Daily Quest that you like most. I personally like Road View as well.

    Take note that some daily quests such as Demon Treasure and Cat Hand Caravan don’t give EXP rewards (and don’t take your Commission Tickets either), so make sure to check the Rewards before you start a Daily Quest.

    If you chose the wrong daily quest and found it too hard, don’t worry–you’ll get your Commission Tickets if you fail the quest. If you changed your mind, you can always abandon a quest, by tapping on your Quest Window and choosing Abandon.
  • The third and final step in this daily routine is Questing. This means everything from Story Quest, to Side Quests, and Adventure Quests. These give EXP even if you’re fatigued. If you don’t have much time, you can just do one story, side, or adventure quest each day.

6. Hidden Quests

Aside from Story, Side, and Adventure Quests, there are also Hidden Quest that can be activated by passing by and talking to certain NPCs in cities and fields. If you hear a tune and see a dialogue in the middle of your screen, that means you’ve activated a Hidden Quests.

Go to the Journey tab of your Quest Box to see what it is. Just like dailies and story quests, these also give EXP regardless of whether you’re healthy or fatigued. Some also give you achievements which give you a character title as a reward. So when you’re free, take your time to explore the wonderful world of Ragnarok Origin and discover these hidden quests!

The Journey tab where you can find the Hidden Quests you've activated in Ragnarok Origin

7. Participate in Events

Another way to gain EXP is to join certain events that give away EXP for free just by staying in one area for the duration of the event. These are Guild Banquet, Weekend Feast, and Themed Party.

The Preparation Time cooking portion of Guild Banquet and Weekend Feast events in Ragnarok Origin
  • Guild Banquet – This is a fun team-building event which involves cooking and having a feast with your guildmates. This is held twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm PST.
  • Weekend Feast – This similar to Guild Banquet, but also gives rewards to the top 4 randomly-picked guilds on each server based on their members’ performance during the Preparation Time, which is the cooking part of the event. This runs from 8 to 8:20 pm PST on Saturdays.
  • Themed Party – While the first two require you to be a part of a guild, this doesn’t. The only requirement is to collect 5 different Emblems from the various Daily Quests.

    To check if you have enough Emblems, go to your Daily Quest window, and click on the Emblem tab. Themed Party is held on Sundays at 7pm PST and lasts 30 minutes. This is an event filled with dancing and mingling.

8. Use your Guide Books

The Guide icon on your main screen is your one-stop shop for all the information you’ll need on your journey across Midgard. As previously mentioned in our 15 More Things You Should Know Before Playing Ragnarok Origin post, here are the books, with one new book added after the CBT:

  • Adventure Diary – This is where you can get rewards for each milestone you achieve, from unlocking your Wardrobe, recruiting your first Mercenary, to your first time participating in an MVP fight and your first Endless Tower run. You also get rewards by unlocking all the blocks in each of the 5 chapters of your journey.
  • Book of Gears – This is where you can plan out which gears you want for your character and find out how to obtain them.
  • Boss Tips – Want to test your mettle? Go after these MVPs, but don’t forget to read up on them to gain valuable info that might help you defeat these bosses.
  • Monster Glossary – All available monsters in the game can be found here. You can also get some sweet headgear from the Collection Shop, by exchanging special drops and Eden Coins.
  • Poring Journal – This displays all the Poring Spirits you’ve found, as well as tips on how to find each type. You get rewards the first, third, fifth, and ninth time you discover a Poring Spirit of the same type!
  • Card Album – Wanna see which cards are the best for your gears? Check out this guide book which shows all the available monster cards in the game together with their description.
  • Customization Gallery – This is where you can customize your player icon, character title, chat tag, and so on. It also shows how to obtain each of the available customization options.
  • Storyline Glossary – As mentioned in our Ragnarok Origin CBT Report video, this is a guide book exclusive to Ragnarok Origin NA which shows lore information in the game. It has all the chapters of the Story Quests written in prose form, collection of the images and cutscenes you’ve unlocked, as well as little tidbits of lore about each of the cities in Midgard, as well as the key factions, events, and items found there. You get rewards after completing each of the Story Quest chapters.
  • Pet Gallery – This is the newest guide book and is also another Ragnarok Origin NA exclusive, where you can check how to obtain other pets and look at their stats and skills.
Guidebooks in Ragnarok Origin

9. Claim Your Rewards

Ragnarok Origin offers a wide variety of rewards from Daily Login and Growth Packs, to Monthly and Seasonal Passes and Achievements. Just tap on anything that has a round red circle on its upper-righthand corner so you don’t miss out on these items!

Claiming rewards in Ragnarok Origin

Check your Special Event window to see if there’s anything new, and if there is, sometimes there are small gift box icons that you can click to get some sweet rewards!

Also, be sure to check your mail daily. The GM Team are always generous enough to give gifts on weekends and at certain times of the day!

Claiming mail rewards in Ragnarok Origin

10. Participate in the Community

If you feel stuck, or if you just need to ask for other players’ opinions, don’t hesitate to ask for help in the World Chat. There may be a few trolls out there (what MMO doesn’t, right?), but there will always be someone willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

Better yet, join a guild! That way, you’ll feel safe and at home with a group of people that share the same interests and goals, or speak the same language as you do. They also might be willing to help you on dungeon runs, Helheim, boss hunts, or events. And don’t forget to pay it forward! Once you’ve gotten stronger, try to help others too!

Have any other tips to share with Ragnarok Origin newbies? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you!

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