Ragnarok Origin Lore: Chapter 3 – The Singing Child

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In our previous episode, we talked with Seyren about a new lead in his investigation into the fire at the Underground Bazaar of Prontera. We also had some terrible news from Father Bamph regarding our newfound friend Lucy. In order to help the old priest, we took part in a holy procession disguised as a nun in order to gain access to the scene of the fire. We ventured into the Ethereal Space to collect Lucy’s spirit pieces, which were then transformed into shards by Father Bamph. A memory fragment was unlocked which has left the man of the cloth emotionally perturbed.

While waiting for Father Bamph to contact us, we did a few dailies, challenged a brave warrior at the Izlude Arena, and even got to meet the Great Sage Varmundt deep in the Prontera Culverts! We’ve just reached level 31 when we received a correspondence from the aforementioned man.

A New Mission

Father Bamph's letter telling us he has information on the mother and child

With a sigh of relief upon learning that Bamph is a man of his word, we enter the Grand Cathedral. The old clergyman greets us with a slight smile. He tells us that woman in the shard he had activated for us is called Bonnie Imbullea who used to be a Royal Exorcist. In the memory fragment, she is seen with her young son while two White Masks stand behind them with sinister smiles on their faces.

When asked about this woman’s connection to our investigation regarding Lucy’s untimely death, Bamph lets us in on a key information–the mission he had given to Lucy was to investigate these suspicious white-masked men who have recently been spotted multiple times outside the city. Seeing as these men were present in that memory fragment, Bonnie and her son might know something about the White Masks.

Father Bamph revealing what mission he had given to Lucy

Curious as to what “that incident” is supposed to be, we ask Bamph. However, since it has led to his own demotion from a priest to a deacon, the old clergyman feels uncomfortable talking about it in detail. He also points to Father Biscuss, letting us know that the latter was assigned to supervise his actions.

Hearing this, we have come to understand why Bamph expressed displeasure when talking about Father Paul in our previous video. This might also explain why Biscuss was hostile when we mentioned Bamph’s name outside the cathedral. He probably was suspicious of our involvement with Bamph and whether or not the latter had told us about “that incident”.

Looking around, we notice that a certain white-haired Lord Knight is standing a few meters away from us. When we ask him what Seyren is doing here, Bamph replies in a rather sympathetic tone. He informs us that as a Knight Captain, Seyren was tasked with exiling the mother and her child out of the capital city. Ever since that unfortunate event, he has not been his usual self.

Father Bamph revealing that Seyren was also involved in "that incident"

Happy that we have chosen to accept his mission, Father Bamph hands us documents revealing the identity of the woman and what has happened to her and her son. It appears that the two have been exiled from Prontera following the woman’s failed exorcism.

Bonnie Imbullea's records about her failed exorcism and subsequent exile from Prontera

A Knight’s Shame

Before heading out without any leads to where we can find this mother and child, we decide to ask Seyren about his involvement, hoping he knows more about what has happened to Bonnie and her son. Seyren appears to be nervous, but we choose to be straightforward as this is an urgent matter. He expresses frustration upon learning that Bamph called him to the cathedral not for a casual meeting, but to give us valuable information regarding Ms. Imbullea.

It is quite apparent that Seyren regrets his actions during that event, feeling bad for the fate of the mother and child as well as being unhappy as to its effect on his reputation as a high-ranking Knight. But since he trusts as a friend and also wants to aid us in our mission, he eventually decides to give us a memory crystal on one condition: we don’t tell High Priestess Margaretha Sorin, who our friend Seyren seems to have feelings for.

Seyren giving us the memory crystal containing his shameful memory of exiling the mother and child

The crystal contains Seyren’s memory of that night. Unwilling to relive the shame and regret, he had asked his sister to seal it in this crystal. Upon activating it, we awake to find ourselves in Seyren’s body.

It is nighttime… and we can feel the raindrops falling on our head. We hear a knight yelling about “a leader” who is “no ordinary kid”. We walk straight to find a young boy named Kanu who looks very upset. Suddenly, a group of monsters appear out of nowhere and start attacking us. Once they’re defeated, the boy expresses anger and…

Kanu expressing anger about Seyren defeating his "toys" a.k.a. summoned monsters in Ragnarok Origin

…we realize that he’s the one summoning these monsters! We fend them off only to see teddy bears falling from the sky!

We do our best to dodge Kanu’s attacks and find a few items that we can use to distract him from casting spells. After a while, a woman in a green dress appears–it’s his mother, Bonnie! She casts a spell on Kanu to calm him down. After apologizing for her son’s actions, she and Kanu walk out of the city.

Bonnie escorting her son out of Prontera in Ragnarok Origin

After we awake from Seyren’s memory, we realize what had happened that night. The young boy Kanu was in distress because his mother, Bonnie, was expelled from her position as Royal Exorcist after the failed exorcism and they were both exiled from Prontera. Upon hearing the news, he wanted to avenge his mother’s downfall so he thought of summoning monsters against the Prontera Knights.

Perhaps his goal was not to hurt nor kill the Knights. Given his young age, he hasn’t had any magic training yet, so his strong magical abilities, probably inherited from his mother Bonnie, triggered by his negative emotions, became uncontrollable.

Having seen his memory, we can now understand why Seyren didn’t want to talk about this event. He still regrets that he couldn’t do anything to help the exiled mother and child. Although high in rank, he is still bound to serve the Royal Family, yet his heart goes out to Bonnie and Kanu.

The Search Begins

With a sense of sadness and sympathy, we console Seyren. He tells us that according to the men he had sent to search for them, they were last spotted in Geffen. He then hands us a photograph of the two–which they had left in their old house in Prontera–that will prove useful in our search.

A photo of Bonnie and her son Kanu from Seyren

Arriving in the city known for its Magic Academy, we approach a guard and ask about Bonnie and Kanu. He tells us the mother comes to Geffen once a week to sell herbs, and that the young boy is often seen playing with a couple of kids.

We go to the direction the guard pointed and see two children. One of them, a boy, coerces us to play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” only to lose to us. Showing the photograph we got from Seyren. we ask him nicely about Kanu. He tells us that the boy always sings a strange song and lives in East Geffen with his mother who knows magic.

The young boy in Geffen who coerced us into playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors" in exchange for information about Kanu

We make our way to East Geffen and meet a Kafra who’s been having problems with Ambernites by the riverbank. After dispatching them, we learn from her that Bonnie and Kanu live in a small hut, and that the easiest way to find them is to follow the sound of a young boy singing.

Walking north, we hear a voice…

Kanu singing the "Founding of the Nation Myth" hymn

Mother and Child

Following the sound of the voice, we find a mother scolding her son. Carefully approaching them, she turns to us and frantically apologizes for the boy’s actions, thinking that we’re there to punish her child. We show her the photograph and tell her that it was Seyren who gave it to us.

We ask Bonnie about Lucy, and she mentions that she felt bad for the young lady who often risked her life on missions for the Assassin Guild in exchange for money. She gave Lucy a memory crystal, but that’s all the information she’s willing to share with us…

…until her son butts in and starts talking about a woman in white robes wearing a white mask. Bonnie tries to stop Kanu who then expresses his frustrations of always being alone.

Kanu nonchalantly talking about him meeting the white witch

Since Bonnie is clearly exhausted, we offer her our help. She sends us to find an herb called Prunella Vulgaria, which is a known medicinal herb commonly referred to as “heal-all” due to its ability to cure many illnesses.

On our way back, we spot the White Masks harassing Bonnie and Kanu. The former Royal Exorcist unleashes her magical prowess to drive them away. However, Kanu is nowhere to be found!

Bonnie unleashing her power against the White Masks who have come to hurt them

Offering to help find the child, we head east and give out a sigh of relief when we find Kanu by some mushrooms. Pretending to be calm, he tells us that he only ran away because he wanted to go on an adventure, but his mother never let him do so. He asks us to take him back to Bonnie, which we gladly accept.

As we escort Kanu back to his mother, we are attacked by Wolves as well as White Masks! After successfully fending of the attackers, we watch as the young boy runs back to his worried mother. The two lovingly embrace each other.


Bonnie hugs Kanu, happy to see her son brought to safety.

Bonnie turns to us to apologize for her apprehensive behavior. She gives us her son’s personal treasure as a gift–we have a choice between a Lollipop in the Mouth and a Crunch Toast. Upon accepting our choice of reward, we show her Lucy’s memory fragment.

Kanu butts in once again and talks about the woman in white robes. According to the boy, the latter corrected his lyrics while he was singing the “Founding of the Nation Myth” hymn. When Bonnie heard him sing this new version, she asked him to never sing it again. This confused the child as it was actually his mother who had taught him this song.

In Bonnie’s perspective, she was merely protecting Kanu. Unfortunately, the White Masks have started pouring into the capital city ever since that day. This was then followed by “that incident” and their eventual exile from Prontera. Bonnie pleads us to leave them as she is worried about their safety. Instead, she gives us two objects–a Red Gemstone and a note that says “Rune Epic – Koromov”–and tells us to seek the answers ourselves.

Bonnie hands us two clues: a red gemstone and the name of a book (Rune Epic) and its author (Koromov) written on a piece of paper.

We bid the mother and child farewell and head to the Geffen Library to look for this book. Unfortunately…

The Geffen Library staff tells us that the library is closed for renovations.

…the library is closed for renovations! We’ll have to wait until it reopens in order to continue our investigations. Although it is disappointing, we have no other choice.

Yet again, we are left with so many questions. Will we ever find out what “that incident” really was? Why did the White Masks attack an innocent mother and child?

For those who have played Ragnarok Online, you may recognize this chapter to be a part of the Curse of Gaebolg or Founding of the Nation Myth quest in the original PC game. Many key elements of the first part–particularly chapters 3 to 5–of Ragnarok Origin’s main story arc are actually derived from that RO quest. We’ll also be making a video on Curse of Gaebolg in the future.

Tune in again next week for the fourth episode in our Ragnarok Origin Main Story Lore series! We hope you’re enjoying the first three chapters so far!

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