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Today we present to you the final episode of our Let’s Explore Ragnarok Origin! Tutorial series. We begin our journey where we left off: we just arrived at the Archer Village in Payon via a Poring hot-air balloon! This is the first ever town we discover after leaving the Adventurers’ Academy.

Take note that this is going to be different depending on which Job you chose when speaking with Instructor Brade. For those who haven’t played any of the Ragnarok games, here are the First Jobs and their corresponding towns.

  • Swordsman – Izlude
  • Acolyte – Prontera
  • Mage – Geffen
  • Thief – Morroc
  • Merchant – Alberta
  • Archer – Archer Village (Payon)

Upon spawning in Archer Village, we find our first Kafra. Every map in Ragnarok Origin has a Kafra always ready to provide their trademark Teleportation and Storage Services.

Joining the Archers Guild

Eager to become an Archer, we go right ahead to Azmera who is in charge of new recruits. She tells us that before we begin the Job Change process, we have to read and make sure to follow the rules of the Archers Guild. These seem very reasonable, so we’re certain we won’t mess this up!

Five rules of the Archers Guild

Afterwards, she makes us choose between two types of tests: one for an Agi-type Archer and the other for a Dex-type Archer. Since I’m used to Agi-type ranged classes, I choose the former. In case you’re wondering, the only difference between the two choices is the first test. The second test, which is the final one, is the same for both options.

Two choices of Job Change Quests

Azmera asks us to go find the instructor tasked with the Agi-type Archer test. This is Neiz. He warns us that while there are many who want to become Archers, only those who are qualified are given the opportunity to join the Archers Guild. He then asks us to undergo the first trial, starting with something simple–improving our concentration.

Neiz hands us a Concentration Potion to use and tasks us to find a hidden animal. In one corner, we find a talking Smokie!

We found the hidden Smokie!

This adorable little raccoon who–for some reason–can talk is wondering how we were able to find it. It seems that it’s been hiding from the locals to secretly steal and eat their sweet potato crops! The Smokie tells us that if we pretend like we didn’t see it, it’ll give us its sweet potatoes. We now have two options: to ignore it as it wants us to, or to “Teach the Smokie the harsh realities of the natural world”. What would you do?

The game gives us two choices: to ignore the Smokie or to hurt it.

I picked the first one, not only because it’s extremely adorable, but also because that’s one of the rules we read earlier: Do not kill animals indiscriminately! And then we proceed to calm the Smokie down by caressing its round head.

After that short, silly (and awfully cute!) encounter, we return to Neiz who praises us for having successfully found the hidden Smokie. He tells us to go seek the Elite Archer for our next test.

This turns out to be the first Archer we spoke to upon arriving to this village–Azmera. She teaches us how to use a bow to shoot arrows, and emphasizes the importance of practice. We are then teleported to our next (and final) trial, a very simple one where we just have to shoot every monster that comes our way before they can attack us.

Our final trial is to shoot every monster that comes our way.

After passing the test, she asks us to head on over to the Archers Guild building. This is where we find Cecilius, the same Sniper who works as an instructor for apprentice Archers at the Adventurers’ Academy! It seems that she’s also the head of the Archers Guild!

Cecilius leads the Job Change ceremony where we officially become an Archer! We are now a full-fledged member of the guild; therefore, we have to do our part to maintain its prosperity!

We official become an Archer at this ceremony led by Cecilius!

Learning About Archer-Specific Skills and Stats

When done, Cecilius gives us a book called “Beginner Archer Skills”. Reading it opens our Skills Window where we can see our First Job skills. We are taught how to level them up and how to set them on our Skill Bar. Of course, I put points into Double Stafe!

In the video, we also preview some of the Hunter skills shown under the Second Job tab of the Skills Window. These include the familiar Blitz Beat, Claymore Trap, and Blast Trap, and a new one called “Tempest Arrow”.

The Skills Window shows our First Job skills.

Cecilius then teaches us a Skill: Charge Arrow. Originally, this was a “Platinum Skill” in Ragnarok Online which means we had to do a specific quest for an NPC, usually an item-gathering quest, before we can get it.

This is then followed by a lesson on Status Points Distribution with Rocca. He gives us a sleeping pill that allows us to dream vividly. In this dream world, we can experience amassing a great number of status points that we can allocate to certain Stats hinted on by Rocca. First, we learn about the importance of Agi and then followed by Dex.

The dream world where we learn about the important Archer Stats: Agi and Dex

When we awake, he hands us over to Bijou to begin our first field training as an Archer! After hearing that we feel a little nervous, he gives us a meal before handing us a Kafra Teleport Ticket which, upon use, moves us directly to Payon South Gate.

We say hi to a Kafra Employee.

Here, we greet the friendly Kafra Employee before getting started with our field training. It was pretty easy. We just needed to defeat 6 Willows!

Onto Our Real Adventure!

We head back to Azmera who congratulates us once again and tells us to keep up the good work. She also suggests we join the Eden Group located in Prontera, and even writes us a letter of recommendation to make sure they accept us!

Our letter of recommendation to Eden Group, written for us by Azmera

Finally, we bid her goodbye and she gives us her final gift: a Warp Portal Scroll. She said we can use this to get to Prontera and begin our real adventure!

I’m so excited for what comes next! Make sure to follow our blog and check out our YouTube channel for the latest on Ragnarok Origin!

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