Mintrei’s Journal – Episode 2: Homesickness

by bunnhop
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18 Last Seed, Morndas

Hadvar’s uncle Alvor was kind enough to let me stay in his cozy abode in this small town called “Riverwood,” where he resides with his wife Sigrid and little daughter Dorthe, just until I get my bearings. However, he also insists I travel to the capital city of this Hold, Whiterun, as soon as I can to alert the Jarl about the terrible dragon attack back in Helgen. I also sensed some discomfort in Sigrid’s words during the very short conversation we had after dinner. I am fully aware that I am a foreigner in these lands and should not expect a warm welcome everywhere I go, but I still do not understand why my youth, appearance, and the fact that I am female should worry anyone–especially not a strong Nord woman who has made a lovely home for her family.

Instead of overstaying my welcome, I decided to excuse myself and take a walk last night. In my wandering, I realized that there was not a shred of fear in my heart, considering my encounter with the first dragon I have ever laid my eyes on. Yes, I do mourn the lives that were lost during the attack, and those I had to take during our escape, but for reasons unknown, I did not–and do not–fear the dragon. This is unlike the fear I had felt when I was a child, when I heard that terrible news–about Mother and Father in Valenwood. About how they had lost their lives in the hands of the Thalmor. That was the first time I ever felt fear: for a life without my parents and for my own safety.

Perhaps I had already resigned my fate when I awoke in that cart yesterday.

It didn’t take long to find an inn in this little town. Coming back from my short stroll, I just had to follow the soothing sound of the flute and there I was. My sleep was not the greatest, but with everything that had happened the day before, I think I still managed to regain enough energy to continue my journey.

I was still contemplating whether to head straight to my originally intended destination, the city of Solitude to the northwest, or to do what Alvor expects me to–and is the right thing to do–when it came to me that the residents of Riverwood need an adventurer to deal with the challenges of day-to-day living. This was after I had a brief chat with a bard named Sven, who himself is a graduate of the Bard’s College! I initially did not want to get mixed up in someone else’s matters of the heart, but was intrigued to see how this one plays out. He wanted me to deliver a fake letter to his muse, one Camilla Valerius, and say that it came from his competition, a fellow Bosmer. As I am not fond of concealing the truth, and my affinity for my kin, you can already guess how I decided to settle this petty squabble.

Before I went to the Valeriuses’ shop I made sure to stop by Alvor’s forge to thank him for his hospitality and let him know about my intention to stay at the local inn for the time being. In response, he taught me a few smithing tricks that immediately proved useful, as I found myself in an interesting detour: the Valeriuses needed someone to retrieve an item that had been stolen by bandits from a Nordic ruin called “Bleak Falls Barrow.” I had never been to any Nordic burial sites before this, and let me tell you: it was indeed quite bleak inside.

Before I left for the barrow, I gave Sven a little taste of his own potion by handing Camilla Faendal’s fake letter and telling her that it was Sven who wrote it. In my own personal opinion (and experience), it is in poor taste for any Man or Mer to lead their admirers on, and Camilla is partially at fault for this, so I couldn’t care less who she chooses to be with.

The trip to the barrow was rewarding, as I’ve managed to collect quite a few treasures, including a slab of stone engraved with all sorts of symbols. It appears ancient, which might be of interest to a collector somewhere. Interestingly, I also felt some surge of power as I tried to decipher the symbols written on a wall. I have never encountered this writing system before, so I took a sketch and am planning to ask a scholar about it–if I ever get to meet one.

I still need to give this claw-shaped ornament back to the Valeriuses first thing tomorrow morning. And after it? I have no idea. Should I stay in town for a few more nights? I am beginning to miss the feeling of belonging to a community. I am beginning to miss the Imperial City.


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